Take Bold Branding and Marketing Steps

These are interesting and challenging times in healthcare — and healthcare marketing.

In the midst of all these changes, some things remain the same. You still have to maintain profitability for your practice. At its most basic, this means keeping a high flow of patients through the lobby. To do that, you and your physicians are establishing and nurturing relationships with referring physicians, insurance companies and government regulators — not to mention patients — all at the same time. It’s a juggling act that 
never ends.

Now more than ever, you’re having to look at everything under the Return-on-Investment (ROI) microscope. Branding and marketing are no different. With careful planning and execution, a branding and marketing program can positively affect the bottom line.

Guiding patients
As patients have to make more healthcare decisions, some will undoubtedly become overwhelmed by information and choices.
The easier you make it for them to navigate the emerging healthcare landscape, the more loyalty they will show during and after this seismic shift to more consumer-driven healthcare.

In your marketing efforts, you must:

  • Keep actionable and essential information at the forefront. Make it as simple as possible for your patients to understand what’s important.
  • Track feedback and ongoing support, not just to demonstrate regulatory compliance, but, more importantly to show success 
to your patients.
  • Be intentional with your coordination of care — no one product or service you’re providing is an island.

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