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Increase Ancillary Services Revenue with Exam Room Video

In today’s changing healthcare environment, finding ways to increase revenue per patient is more important than ever.  Promotion of ancillary services such as immunotherapy is one way to add revenue to your practice’s bottom line.  Opus 59 Creative Group can help you educate and inform patients, standardize the “sales pitch” for  your ancillary services — all while freeing up physician and staff time for maximum efficiencies.

Case Study:  Immunotherapyallergen_icons

The one constant in skin-prick testing for immunotherapy is that it takes time. Time for the patient to have a reaction to the various allergens. Time for the caregiver to explain the benefits and risks of immunotherapy. Time for your staff to call the patient’s insurance company for coverage information.

Traditionally, the patient is left in the exam room with a stack of magazines, and, once the reactions have likely confirmed what the physician has suspected, the doctor, nurse, or PA gives the pitch: success rates, dosing build-up, pricing structure and so forth.

As we all know, many factors affect the “sell”— personality, time of day, patient load — and that can affect your close rate. Working with an asthma and allergy practice client in Charlotte, we’ve created videos that are shown on the screens already in the exam rooms, one for airborne and a different version for venom immunotherapy.

Video content includes:

  • explanation of skin prick testing
  • animated explanation of antigens, antibodies, histamines and how our immune system reacts in the presence of allergens.
  • how allergies works
  • how immunotherapy works
  • potential adverse reactions and how to handle them
  • when not to have your scheduled allergy shot
  • beta blocker warning
  • why patients should choose immunotherapy now. 

Use video to promote ancillary services to your patients!

A professionally produced video can share the benefits of your services to your patients — right in the exam room — and allow members of your staff to use that time to do what they do best: care for patients instead of “selling.”

Contact us today to see the immunotherapy videos in their entirety and find out how we can help your practice boost its bottom line.