Go Big or Go Home: OrthoCarolina Airport Graphics

One of the many reasons we love working with Blair Primis and the marketing team at OrthoCarolina is that they are always looking for new and interesting ways to build their brand. One perfect example is their most recent branding campaign at CLT. We had the distinct pleasure of brainstorming and designing giant wall graphics, moving sidewalk graphics and rotunda graphics. The biggest challenge by far were the graphics for the moving sidewalks. How in the heck do we cover three different walks, one that was a whopping 206’9″? As we were first designing concepts, we shied away from using OrthoCarolina’s orange as the main color, as we were afraid it would be too bold. But after considering the context of the airport—which can be a bit drab—we decided to swing for the fence. Our absolute favorite of the three (see image above) features silhouettes of travelers: some are pulling suitcases behind them, one is a basketball player— there’s even one of a man on bended knee proposing to his girlfriend!

Mark and I recently got to accompany the OC team to see the tactics live at the airport. We knew from the dimensions provided on the spec sheets that they’d be big, but NOTHING could prepare us for how awesome they looked in the actual space. So FUN! We can’t wait to see what the next creative challenge brings!

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When variable data attacks!

Not that you asked, but every day at work, I look forward to getting the mail. When 1:30 rolls around, I find myself glancing out our wall of windows here in the beating heart of Matthews, NC hoping to spy our cranky mail carrier in her beat-up white truck. I anticipate getting the latest Communication Arts or HOW magazine to see the latest work from some of the most talented creatives around the globe. (And then there are the checks! Sweet, glorious checks!)

But today, we got neither trade publications nor timely payments from our dear clients. We got stock image coupons. Two coupons in fact, from Shutterstock. At first, I was like, “Hey, cool! We got two coupons for money off images!” It just so happens that we will be buying some photos for folks in the near future so they may come in handy.

Then I looked a little closer.

One of them was addressed to me, Derick, and the other to our company “Opus 59 Creative Grp”. That’s a common thing, really, as different companies parse and target customers differently.

But the kicker was: the card addressed to our “Grp” said we could “Save 20% Today” — but the one addressed to ME said I could “Save 30% Today”. IMHO — to use a texting shorthand like the cool kids — this just makes Shutterstock look kinda silly.

So, be honest: am I overreacting? You know what, on second thought, just agree with me and my feigned outrage.