Announcing Appalachian Gear Company and the All-Paca 100% Alpaca Performance Shirts

We are doubly-thrilled to announce the launch of a new business for a long-time client as well as the first product in their innovative line.

Appalachian Gear Company is a textile innovator, based here in Charlotte, which will design, manufacture and sell performance gear for the outdoors.

Its first product, the All-Paca 100% alpaca performance shirt was launched this week with a Kickstarter campaign.  Initial interest is exceeding our expectations.  Check it out, and stay tuned for more news!

The 3 D’s of Branding

When marketing a business or service, it’s hard sometimes to turn the corner from being reactive to being proactive. But in today’s economic landscape, it has never been more important to do just that. Today’s discerning customer is constantly looking for compelling reasons to choose one business or service over another. In essence, it comes down to your “brand promise.” When defining a brand, we think of it in terms of the 3 D’s. What makes it Distinctive, Desirable and Deliverable? Let us help discover and define the 3 D’s of your brand.